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These paintings are of Mermen or things that fit my ideas of Atlantis. You will not find crystal laser UFO stuff in this section. My ideas of Atlantis are more realistic and based on ancient cultures. The idea of underwater peoples and creatures of the sea are in this section also. The originals were done in Acrylics or a combination of medium. They are available as full color photo prints and can be ordered in several sizes.

Size Price Matted Framed Shipping
5 x 8 $10 $15 $20 $1
8 ½ x 11 $20 $30 $40 $5
11 x 17 $40 $50 $80 $10
Tsunamii: New Son of Atlantis #1Tsunamii: New Son of Atlantis #1 Image

Freeing the DolphinFreeing the Dolphin Image
Son of AtlanSon of Atlan Image
Remnants of AtlantisRemnants of Atlantis Image
Maker of Storms: Gods of Atlantis 2Maker of Storms: Gods of Atlantis 2 Image
"Legend One: Gods of Atlantis 1" Legend One: Golds of Atlantis
"The Mirror of Waves" The Mirror of Waves
"Hunters of the Deep"
Hunters of the Deep

"Atlantian Prince"Atlantian Prince


"He Who Strides the Seas: Gods of Atlantis 3".He Who Strides the Seas: Gods of Atlantis 3



Color Prints
Atlantis Gods & Mermen

by Tristan Alexander

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All art ©Tristan Alexander